Thursday, April 12, 2012


Long time no see! I miss blogging my thrift finds.. I have been very busy, but hopefully now I'm back for a while!  I have been thrifting like crazy for the past few months.  It's like a retreat from school and all the stress that's been following me around :P

Recently I went to Ventura, California which is home to some of my favorite thrift shops! I found many of these find for $1. So without further ado here is my haul from the Ventura Main Street thrift store extravaganza!

Shirt: $1
Belt: $1
Shorts: $2.50
OMG.. I'm sorry I cannot contain my joy.  Did I already mention that  I love thrifting? Anywhoo I was sifting through the racks at the place where I found this shirt and I almost passed up this shirt! I saw it, and the plaid was cool, but I wasn't sure about the fit.. I am so happy I grabbed it, because this shirt is so cute! The fit is just the way I like it.  The belt is 100% leather and is Kenneth Cole Reaction.  I love it when there is a sign saying "$1 BELTS." The shorts are from the St. Vincent de Paul near home. I've been wanting some light wash high wasted shorts and voila! :)

Shirt: $1
Cardigan: $3
This shirt was outside on the dollar rack and it does have a stain towards the bottom :( My mom is going to help me get it out, but if it doesn't work I can either crop it or just tuck it in to everything.. but for a dollar we both thought it was worth dealing with :P This cardigan is great.. I almost passed this one up too WHAT WAS I THINKING? But the good news is that I came to my senses and went back and showed it to my mom who loved it.  It's Merona from Target. I have another Merona cardigan that I bought and they are the perfect weight and are very soft!

Shirt: $1
Oh I am so happy :D Found this and who can resist another touristy tank? 

I love these.. I've been collecting vintagy reference books and I love them! I can actually  use them and they look adorable on the shelf :P
Blue book: 15,000 misspelled words 50 cents at a yard sale
Yellow book: another misspelled words book 50 cents
Green book: Rhyming Dictionary 1 dollar
Red book: Plant Encyclopedia $2

My mom found this little beauty and I can't wait to make something from it with her! 
Anywhoo I had a lot of fun looking at everything in Ventura and I can't wait to go back! Goodbye for now, hopefully I will updating again soon! :)