Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just some photos

Hello! Well, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.. I have just been in college.  I have still been thrifting though :) I recently bought some Prada pants AHHH! I don't have pictures of them at the moment, but I shall do an outfit of the day or something to that nature because these pants are pretty darn cool. Wow, I'm talking about pants right now.. okay anywhoo I've been taking A LOT of pictures for my photography class lately. I'll take a little break from my normal thrift store finds and outfits to show some of my favorite pictures I've taken recently.. Here ya go!

These are a complete random mix, I know, but I like all of them :) I'm kind of on a time crunch right now, but it was nice blogging for a minute! I'll be back soon with my Prada Pants :)

Go take some pictures of the little things.. I'm sure you'll be happy you did in a few years (my words of wisdom in a rush okay bye!)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Weather?

It doesn't feel very Fall-like yet. I'm excited for cardigan weather! I need a little nip in the air so I can whip out the scarves and knit hats. Okay, so I'm not too much of a hat wearer, but this season I'll try them out a little bit :)

So this is what I will be wearing today. It's kinda hot outside, but I'm going to be sudying in the library and going to a concert with my friend later so I thought the military-courderoy jacket would be a cute touch.. I feel like I need a little red in this outfit..

Blue Dress: $4 Amvets
Military-Courderoy Jacket: $3.50 Amvets
Black Belt: $1 
Shoes: $4 Amvets

Princess is so cute, that's who I was looking at. That dog makes me so happy every time I see her.. she's like a little ball of sunshine! I'm so glad we got this dog (okay it's been 4 years) but she's such a cutie! Here's a picture I took of her the other day.
Okay enough dog love (but you can see what I mean right?) :) Below are the shoes I'll probably wear, unless I decide to switch things up and splash some red into my outfit.
Okay, well I hope you all are doing well! I've just survived my first stressful college week! A psych test, stats  quiz, english paper, and a photography assignment.. I need to get rid of my procrastination habits and get to the library! (And update this blog more often ha!)

Happy Thrifting! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Best Thrift Find Yet!

Just thinking about this makes me happy :) Okay, so about two weeks ago school started and I wanted to thrift for backpacks! We went to my favorite thrift store and I spotted this nice backpack behind the counter. It was hanging behind all the newer coach bags and leather purses. She pulled it out and it and I could tell it was quality. I didn't recognize the brand and it was priced at $25. They said it would go on sale in a few days, but I didn't want to take the risk of it being sold before I came back! Sooooo my mom and I bought this beauty and took it home.

So, when we got home I looked up this bag online and we found out it was originally $500!!!!
This is the best thrift find yet! The brand is Ghurka and the leather trim is handcrafted in Norwalk, Connecticut. My mom made a joke that Mary Kate and Ashley wore these backpacks to their kindergarten class. 

Super Excited Emma :)

So next time you go thrifting look behind the counter if they keep the nicer stuff back there! You may just find a $500 ghurka! 

Happy Thrifting! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scarf Fever!

I think I've had the Scarf Fever since eighth grade when my family and I traveled to Paris, France. I wanted to bring home tons of French things, but everything was so expensive! I did find a loophole though, scarves! They were inexpensive, all the chic French ladies were wearing them and apparently they still are! My friend has informed me that during her trip to Paris this summer scarves are the things that everyone seems to be wearing!

My scarf fever has been heating up especially since fall is around the bend! This past week has been so hot, I  can't imagine putting anything around my neck except for maybe an ice cold washcloth, but I know it will eventually cool off and it will be the season of the scarves! :)

Anywhoo here are a few of my favorite scarves that will hopefully get you in the mood for the scarf wearin' season!

This is the newest addition to my scarf collection. My grandma bought it for me in Chinatown in San Francisco. Speaking of Chinatown, if you ever visit check out the scarves! They are cheap, and if you are the type to bring home souvenirs for friends you can get 5 for $20! 

Remember how I said I went crazy with scarves in France? Well this was my favorite scarf that I found! I bought a similiar one for my friend and had to get one for myself as well. I have yet to see a scarf like this, but I love it! I had lost this scarf for a while, but my dad found it in the garage which was a very happy discovery :)

I recieved this scarf as a gift from my grandma. I love the softness and flowiness of this beautiful accessory! I wore it on the trip to San Francisco and it goes with just about everything (okay maybe not extreme colors) which was very helpful! 

This is a BIG scarf! It has a nice weave and I scored at my favorite thrift store for only $1.50! I hope to wear this a lot this winter :)

I hope I've inspired some of you to go out and wear some scarves when it gets a little windy or even just to spruce up and outfit. They do make a difference, and are very inexpensive at thrift stores. Look out for unique pieces with cool weaves and you'll be recieving compliments left and right :)

Happy Thrifting!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Outfit: Mixing Patterns

Hi there! So today I am hanging out at home trying to stay cool. I recently picked up these green patterned shorts at my favorite thrift store! I love the design and I can see myself wearing these all the time.  Last week I went on a little vacation to Central California and I picked up a new, unique bracelet. I am so excited about this bracelet! It goes with everything :) Anywhoo here's what I put together for today.

I look very orange in these pictures.. hmm.. anywhoo aren't these shorts cute? I love them! I've been trying to use more accessories lately and this new bracelet seems to go with everything. I've worn this shirt quite a bit and I always get compliments on it. And to think that I was going to pass it up because it was so blousy. PSH I just tuck it in and it adds to the laid-back look :) 
Shirt: $3 Orlando Salvation Army
Shorts: $4 Brand Aeropostal
Bracelet: Trip Souvenir
 Necklace: $5 Forever 21 

The always reliable (but quite stretched out D: ) croc flats! They are extremely cute and comfy but I would suggest buying a size down so they don't fall of your feet like these ones do. I'm still wearing them though because they go with just about everything!

My new bracelet! It's so dainty which is just my style :) It has a velvet surface along the strap which is unique but I often worry about it. I think it's just the omg-this-is-my-brand-new-bracelet-i-don't-want-to-damage-it phase. I'll get over it soon :P

And finally I wore a simple lipstick with today's pattern-clashing outfit. It is Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon color :)

Happy thrifting! Keep an eye out for those patterns :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lipsticks and Summer

I love lipsticks! They are one of my favorite accessories :) Yesterday I wore an almost all beige outfit (it wasn't too boring because I had a lace shirt and a cheetah print cardigan). Anywhoo I put on some of my new lipstick and it complemented the whole beige getup! What color lipstick did I use? Well it was none other than Cherries in the Snow by Revlon.

I love this color! It's so bright and unexpected! I like to experiment with different lip colors because you can have a wardrobe with neutral, basic colors then spice everything up with a bright lip color.

This is my Revlon collection so far. I love the look of the packaging. It kind of has a vintagy vibe! I had a gift card to Target and the first thing I did was go looking for some new lipsticks! Revlon lipsticks were only $5 and there was a huge selection! 

I bought the pink one in the center for my prom :) good memories!

This color is Cha Cha Cherry (what a cute name!). I hope I inspired some of you to take a chance and try a bright lip color if you don't already have one. I love mine and it gives me some extra confidence! 

Happy thrifting and lipstick shopping! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Thrifting!

Finally! I am done with school and I have more time to thrift the days away :) I've been going thrifting a lot, and this post won't show EVERYTHING, but there's still quite a bit I took pictures of. I've been going to the usual thrifting haunts, but I also explored some new places in San Pedro with my dad yesterday. There were some pretty nice brands and I scored a few new cardigans.

I've also taken some of my own friends thrifting and they loved it! We are going again next week to look for more treasures :) Anywhoo I'll get right to my thrift finds...

This is one of the cardigan's that I picked up thrifting yesterday! 
Cardigan: Banana Republic $4
Tank Top: $1
Belt: $1
Shorts: American Eagle $3

Denim on denim?
Sometimes it works!

Shirt: $3

This dress is too cute! I found it in Burbank at a thrift store by some more expensive vintage boutiques.  I love looking through those stores, but they can be speeeenddyy! I actually bought my prom dress at one of the vintage stores.. and I bought it for like $40! I had looked at another dress before buying that one that was $120.. good thing I held off before buying because there was a no return policy!

Dress: $2.50

When I went thrifting with my friends we made a discovery in the children's clothing. Children's tshirts! Some of them fit us! I found these tshirts in that section :) aaaand I had been wanting a Cubs tshirt for a while now.

Cubs tshirt: $1

This one looks big, but is adorable when tucked into to a pair of shorts

Korea tshirt: $1

Found this polo at my favorite thrift store. It's really nice and I can see myself wearing it often :)

Plaid button down: $2.50

I wasn't sure about this shirt when I first saw it, but I'm so glad I picked it up! It was cheap and the fabric print is really cute :)

Button down: $1

Happy Thrifting :)