Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Weather?

It doesn't feel very Fall-like yet. I'm excited for cardigan weather! I need a little nip in the air so I can whip out the scarves and knit hats. Okay, so I'm not too much of a hat wearer, but this season I'll try them out a little bit :)

So this is what I will be wearing today. It's kinda hot outside, but I'm going to be sudying in the library and going to a concert with my friend later so I thought the military-courderoy jacket would be a cute touch.. I feel like I need a little red in this outfit..

Blue Dress: $4 Amvets
Military-Courderoy Jacket: $3.50 Amvets
Black Belt: $1 
Shoes: $4 Amvets

Princess is so cute, that's who I was looking at. That dog makes me so happy every time I see her.. she's like a little ball of sunshine! I'm so glad we got this dog (okay it's been 4 years) but she's such a cutie! Here's a picture I took of her the other day.
Okay enough dog love (but you can see what I mean right?) :) Below are the shoes I'll probably wear, unless I decide to switch things up and splash some red into my outfit.
Okay, well I hope you all are doing well! I've just survived my first stressful college week! A psych test, stats  quiz, english paper, and a photography assignment.. I need to get rid of my procrastination habits and get to the library! (And update this blog more often ha!)

Happy Thrifting! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Best Thrift Find Yet!

Just thinking about this makes me happy :) Okay, so about two weeks ago school started and I wanted to thrift for backpacks! We went to my favorite thrift store and I spotted this nice backpack behind the counter. It was hanging behind all the newer coach bags and leather purses. She pulled it out and it and I could tell it was quality. I didn't recognize the brand and it was priced at $25. They said it would go on sale in a few days, but I didn't want to take the risk of it being sold before I came back! Sooooo my mom and I bought this beauty and took it home.

So, when we got home I looked up this bag online and we found out it was originally $500!!!!
This is the best thrift find yet! The brand is Ghurka and the leather trim is handcrafted in Norwalk, Connecticut. My mom made a joke that Mary Kate and Ashley wore these backpacks to their kindergarten class. 

Super Excited Emma :)

So next time you go thrifting look behind the counter if they keep the nicer stuff back there! You may just find a $500 ghurka! 

Happy Thrifting! :)