Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Thrifting!

Finally! I am done with school and I have more time to thrift the days away :) I've been going thrifting a lot, and this post won't show EVERYTHING, but there's still quite a bit I took pictures of. I've been going to the usual thrifting haunts, but I also explored some new places in San Pedro with my dad yesterday. There were some pretty nice brands and I scored a few new cardigans.

I've also taken some of my own friends thrifting and they loved it! We are going again next week to look for more treasures :) Anywhoo I'll get right to my thrift finds...

This is one of the cardigan's that I picked up thrifting yesterday! 
Cardigan: Banana Republic $4
Tank Top: $1
Belt: $1
Shorts: American Eagle $3

Denim on denim?
Sometimes it works!

Shirt: $3

This dress is too cute! I found it in Burbank at a thrift store by some more expensive vintage boutiques.  I love looking through those stores, but they can be speeeenddyy! I actually bought my prom dress at one of the vintage stores.. and I bought it for like $40! I had looked at another dress before buying that one that was $120.. good thing I held off before buying because there was a no return policy!

Dress: $2.50

When I went thrifting with my friends we made a discovery in the children's clothing. Children's tshirts! Some of them fit us! I found these tshirts in that section :) aaaand I had been wanting a Cubs tshirt for a while now.

Cubs tshirt: $1

This one looks big, but is adorable when tucked into to a pair of shorts

Korea tshirt: $1

Found this polo at my favorite thrift store. It's really nice and I can see myself wearing it often :)

Plaid button down: $2.50

I wasn't sure about this shirt when I first saw it, but I'm so glad I picked it up! It was cheap and the fabric print is really cute :)

Button down: $1

Happy Thrifting :)