Monday, September 19, 2011

Cardigan collection!

Summer is slowly fading away and it's finally starting to cool up in California! Thank goodness because we had a heat wave the week before last. I was a little confused, but I'm used to it :P Anywhoo! I am so excited to be able to use my cardigans again! I have more than I probably need, but they are my favorite thing to buy :) Here are a few of my favorite thrifted cardigans:
I love this cardigan! I got it for around $2 and it's Forever 21. I feel like I saw it at Forever 21 for sale at $10! I don't think I would have paid that much for it. I don't wear it too often because it's kind of bright, but I can always tone it down with a black shirt like this :)

This one was around $2 too. It's a very furry cardigan with cute beading toward the neckline. My dad really liked this one, maybe I'll wear it more this year, I don't think I had much to wear with it last year.

This one is so cute! It was on sale for $2 (once again) at a little thrift store in Hilton Head, South Carolina. They have a whole bunch of good thrift stores there! My mom and I were so surprised because it's kind of a rich area, but there were jaguars in the parking lot of one thrift shop we went to :P

I have gotten so many compliments on this cardigan, and it's perfect for summer nights. I love the lightweight feel. I think this was around $3? I've worn this one a lot over the years.

I love this cardigan! Haha i seem to love all of them don't I? Anywhoo this lightweight cardigan still has  shoulder pads because I didn't think it looked to bad with them on. The huge buttons are probably my favorite detail, well that and the pocket :)

Can't wait to find new cardigans for this fall! Happy thrifting! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Findings!

Hey everyone! I had a good week :) Well except for the whole Monday coming home and doing the work I missed while being in Orlando... Anywhoo! I'm back in the throw of things and it's going to be busy these next few weeks. I got a part in the school play as a zombie and apparently zombies go to practice about 3 days a week.  I am not complaining though! I am so happy to be in a play before I graduate. It's something I've always wanted to do, but never had the courage. It seems that now that I'm a senior I am thinking less about what others think and more about how I think. Thank goodness! :)

So today I asked my dad if we could visit my favorite thrift store (Amvets) and he said yes! I think he's getting a little weary of thrifting every weekend, but we haven't gone in a few weeks. Anywhoo it was super busy but I managed my way out of the chaos with some pretty awesome finds.

Necklace: gift
Shirt: $14.50 (Forever 21)
Skirt: $3.98 (Amvets)
Belt: 95 cents
Shoes: $3

I LOVE THIS SKIRT! The zipper is hidden and the print is so cute :) I forgot to take a closeup of the print, but it's  kind of vintagy looking.

They are wooden and surprisingly comfy! I feel like I'm going back to my  European roots when I put these on :)  I've been wanting some wooden heals and for $3 I think I did pretty well!

Super cute belt! Has really nice detailing and it will go well with  a red tooshorttobeadress-tolongtobeashirt thing!

Alright well those are my find of Friday! Now I encourage you to go and find your own treasures! Happy thrifting!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thifting in Orlando, Florida

Last week I vistited Orlando, Florida to see my mom. We both love thrift storing and we found treasures all week! Here are some of the things I picked up for great prices!
Thirft store in Cocoa Beach, FL

this one was neat too.. we got a stanley tape measure here for $1!

This lamp is so cute! We got the shade for $1 and the lamp for $3.50.  A lamp set for under $5! 

I found this cute raincoat for $2! It's in really good condition and I don't have a raincoat so there you go!

This little sign was 50 cents :P super cute

These shoes are so vintagy looking! I fell in love and they were only $1! What a steal! I love wearing red shoes with just about anything

Where the Heart Is: $3
Book: $1
Fiona Apple CD: $1
Roswell CD: $2

This skirt is so cute! I love the length and it's super soft :)
Skirt: $1.25

I kid you not, this cardigan was 25 cents. It's the red version of  a blue cardigan that I wear all the time. I love this!  I might be able to wear it at my school with a strict uniform code. (I'll sneak it in under my fleece when it gets cold :P)

Anywhoo! I had so much fun in Florida with my mom! Happy thrifting! It's time for me to catch up on school work.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute oufit for a Friday :)

I didn't exactly wear this today, but I might pack when I go to Orlando next week! I love this outfit! It's so flowy and it goes together pretty well :) I got the hat today at Amvets thrift store for $1! I also picked up a really cute painting that I'll post a picture of it on Sunday. I'm going on a small trip with my friend's family this weekend. This next week is going to be busy, but I'll be sure to post once I start thrifting with my mom :)

Anywhoo let's get to the outfit!

Floppy hat: $1 (Amvets)
Sheer shirt: $18 (vintage store on fourth street)
Grey tank: $6 (Forever 21)
Skirt: $3 (thrifted)
Shoes: $10 (Payless on sale)
Bracelets: made one, and bought the other for charity :)

I love that skirt too! I think it was homemade. The print is different and the gold buttons are so cute :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Birthday to my friend Karina :D
Happy thrifting!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday's Finds!

I went to the thrift store yesterday eager to find something cool to put on my blog and I found a few things that I am really excited about! My favorite thrift store is one that I have been going to for as long as I can remember. It has opened and closed a few times over the years, but they always have great deals. Every Friday and Saturday they put everything on sale for 50% off except for a certain color tag. These are the things I picked up for a great price :)

 This is my school uniform. Most girls tuck in the polos and add brown belts. I saw this one and fell in love. It looks really preppy and the gold accents are really cute. You can't really see them in this photo but they're in the photo below. A belt really accentuates your waste and I've recently started looking for belts in thrift stores. This one was half off for $2! I think I need to find a better way to store my belts, because I don't think the way I store them will work for much longer on account of my growing collection :P
This belt was also $2. I could make out from the back of it that it was from  the Gap  which is one of my favorite stores.  This will go with pretty much anything :) It's also a sturdy leather belt that won't bend too easily which is a plus!
 Aren't the gold buckles cute? I love this little accent! One of my favorite finds because I can wear this at school :D yippee!

One of the best finds of the day! I found this Lucky Brand jacket on my regular scoop of the jackets and coats (my favorite section). This find was $15 dollars, and unfortunately there was no discount. But I have been looking for a nice jean jacket for a few weeks! I also looked up the Lucky Brand jackets online and found a similar (but not as cute) denim jacket for $130 on sale! Phew! Not in my price range, but I am thrilled to have scored this jacket just in time for fall!

The shorts are also from my favorite thift store, but they are from last summer. I think they were around $3? I wear them a lot!

This skirt is 100% wool! It's a Valarie Stevens  pencil skirt and it was $5!  I wish I could say it was perfect, but there is a small moth hole on the bottom about a half inch from the bottom. I told my mom about this small imperfection and she is going to help me mend it by maybe tucking it under. This skirt is pretty flexible and can be put together a few different ways :) The shirt is from goodwill and it was around $3.49. It's been a while! :P

Anywhoo those were my finds this weekend! I can't wait to show you the finds I get next time! I probably won't go thrifting for a while because I'm going to be pretty busy with school this week and camping next weekend. Happy thrifting! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My name is Emma and I have been into thrifting (shopping at thrift stores) for a while now. I've played with the idea of making a blog where I would post pictures of things that I recently acquired at thrift stores or yard sales. Whenever I see what other people find in thrift stores I get inspired to do my own treasure hunting. I've been reading The Thrifty Chicks blog for a while and I am going to do something similiar to what they are doing, but with a young person's perspective.

For many young people a thrift store is a place that has old clothes that are worn out and dirty.  Some people think that thrift stores are only good for Halloween costumes. And while you can find many good costume pieces in thrift stores, you can also find staple pieces for your wardrobe that cannot be found in a retail store.

Another reason for shopping in thrift stores is that the prices are almost impossible to beat! Depending on where you go, you can put an outfit together for under $10! Thrift stores have clothes from every decade so basically you can find something you will like no matter what your style is.  Ever worry about showing up at school with the same outfit as someone else? That bullet can be dodged by getting something unique and one of a kind at your local thrift store.

Most of the clothes I wear on a daily basis are from yard sales and thrift stores! It makes my day when I find something I really like and that I got for a good price at a second hand store. Hopefully I've helped you think of thrift stores in a different light. I'll start this blog out with a few of my favorite finds from recent shopping trips.

 These are my new favorite shorts. They are L.E.I. and high-waisted ($1.50). The belt was $1.50. And the shirt has shoulder pads, but was only $1.00. Normally I don't like shoulder pads and I take them out, but they actually looked okay so I just left them on.

This jacket is the reason why I can't wait for it to be winter! It's mid August so it's still way too warm to be wearing a jacket of any kind but this was just adorable! I saw it in the blazer section of one of my favorite thrift shops and I think I gasped when I saw it.  My dad always makes fun of the cat tails hanging in the front but I think they make the coat so much more unique. This little ditty was only $13 dollars!  Take that Forever 21 coats! I bought a black coat last season for around $30. If I had found this before that purchase I probably wouldn't have gotten it. Nonetheless, a  black coat is a really nice piece to have. I"ve gotten a lot of use out of it, and I'll probably use it the winter too :)