Monday, September 5, 2011

Thifting in Orlando, Florida

Last week I vistited Orlando, Florida to see my mom. We both love thrift storing and we found treasures all week! Here are some of the things I picked up for great prices!
Thirft store in Cocoa Beach, FL

this one was neat too.. we got a stanley tape measure here for $1!

This lamp is so cute! We got the shade for $1 and the lamp for $3.50.  A lamp set for under $5! 

I found this cute raincoat for $2! It's in really good condition and I don't have a raincoat so there you go!

This little sign was 50 cents :P super cute

These shoes are so vintagy looking! I fell in love and they were only $1! What a steal! I love wearing red shoes with just about anything

Where the Heart Is: $3
Book: $1
Fiona Apple CD: $1
Roswell CD: $2

This skirt is so cute! I love the length and it's super soft :)
Skirt: $1.25

I kid you not, this cardigan was 25 cents. It's the red version of  a blue cardigan that I wear all the time. I love this!  I might be able to wear it at my school with a strict uniform code. (I'll sneak it in under my fleece when it gets cold :P)

Anywhoo! I had so much fun in Florida with my mom! Happy thrifting! It's time for me to catch up on school work.


  1. lovely finds! i love thrifting with my mom :)

  2. Hi Emma,

    I live in Orlando and I've been getting into thrifting lately. You found really nice things. Where in Coco is this thrift store at?

    I recently started a blog . I'm reviewing everything I buy but I want to start showing off my treasures. Stop by & say hi sometime

    Take care♥

  3. Hi Vivian!

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't remember exactly where it was.. I think we just searched thrift stores in the gps. And I love looking at others thrift finds way to go! :)

  4. while trying to find places to thrift in orlando, your blog post came up. however, i was confused since you thrifted in melbourne/cocoa. the title is misleading. bummer.
    either way, those were some amazing finds!