Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute oufit for a Friday :)

I didn't exactly wear this today, but I might pack when I go to Orlando next week! I love this outfit! It's so flowy and it goes together pretty well :) I got the hat today at Amvets thrift store for $1! I also picked up a really cute painting that I'll post a picture of it on Sunday. I'm going on a small trip with my friend's family this weekend. This next week is going to be busy, but I'll be sure to post once I start thrifting with my mom :)

Anywhoo let's get to the outfit!

Floppy hat: $1 (Amvets)
Sheer shirt: $18 (vintage store on fourth street)
Grey tank: $6 (Forever 21)
Skirt: $3 (thrifted)
Shoes: $10 (Payless on sale)
Bracelets: made one, and bought the other for charity :)

I love that skirt too! I think it was homemade. The print is different and the gold buttons are so cute :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Birthday to my friend Karina :D
Happy thrifting!

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