Monday, September 19, 2011

Cardigan collection!

Summer is slowly fading away and it's finally starting to cool up in California! Thank goodness because we had a heat wave the week before last. I was a little confused, but I'm used to it :P Anywhoo! I am so excited to be able to use my cardigans again! I have more than I probably need, but they are my favorite thing to buy :) Here are a few of my favorite thrifted cardigans:
I love this cardigan! I got it for around $2 and it's Forever 21. I feel like I saw it at Forever 21 for sale at $10! I don't think I would have paid that much for it. I don't wear it too often because it's kind of bright, but I can always tone it down with a black shirt like this :)

This one was around $2 too. It's a very furry cardigan with cute beading toward the neckline. My dad really liked this one, maybe I'll wear it more this year, I don't think I had much to wear with it last year.

This one is so cute! It was on sale for $2 (once again) at a little thrift store in Hilton Head, South Carolina. They have a whole bunch of good thrift stores there! My mom and I were so surprised because it's kind of a rich area, but there were jaguars in the parking lot of one thrift shop we went to :P

I have gotten so many compliments on this cardigan, and it's perfect for summer nights. I love the lightweight feel. I think this was around $3? I've worn this one a lot over the years.

I love this cardigan! Haha i seem to love all of them don't I? Anywhoo this lightweight cardigan still has  shoulder pads because I didn't think it looked to bad with them on. The huge buttons are probably my favorite detail, well that and the pocket :)

Can't wait to find new cardigans for this fall! Happy thrifting! :)

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