Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Outfit: Mixing Patterns

Hi there! So today I am hanging out at home trying to stay cool. I recently picked up these green patterned shorts at my favorite thrift store! I love the design and I can see myself wearing these all the time.  Last week I went on a little vacation to Central California and I picked up a new, unique bracelet. I am so excited about this bracelet! It goes with everything :) Anywhoo here's what I put together for today.

I look very orange in these pictures.. hmm.. anywhoo aren't these shorts cute? I love them! I've been trying to use more accessories lately and this new bracelet seems to go with everything. I've worn this shirt quite a bit and I always get compliments on it. And to think that I was going to pass it up because it was so blousy. PSH I just tuck it in and it adds to the laid-back look :) 
Shirt: $3 Orlando Salvation Army
Shorts: $4 Brand Aeropostal
Bracelet: Trip Souvenir
 Necklace: $5 Forever 21 

The always reliable (but quite stretched out D: ) croc flats! They are extremely cute and comfy but I would suggest buying a size down so they don't fall of your feet like these ones do. I'm still wearing them though because they go with just about everything!

My new bracelet! It's so dainty which is just my style :) It has a velvet surface along the strap which is unique but I often worry about it. I think it's just the omg-this-is-my-brand-new-bracelet-i-don't-want-to-damage-it phase. I'll get over it soon :P

And finally I wore a simple lipstick with today's pattern-clashing outfit. It is Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon color :)

Happy thrifting! Keep an eye out for those patterns :)


  1. love the top, it adds a vintage touch :) and the bracelet is cute too! i LOVE seeing thrifty finds, thrifting is the greatest, i don't understand people who don't like to thrift! your blog is really fun, i'm following you :):)

    1. Thank you! :) and I know! I've been introducing some of my friends to thrifting and they love it, but it does require some patience.