Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Senior Stuff!

Recently I've been going to a lot of senior events! I had Senior brunch that I was able to dress up for :) I found a really cute skirt at the Out of the Closet thrift store and picked up a belt and crocheted top at Marshalls.  I love Marshalls.. I love their variety and SHOES!! Here's a picture of my senior brunch outfit:

Shirt: $12.99 Marshalls
Belt: $15.00 Marshalls
Skirt: $5.00 Out of the Closet
Bag: $30.00 Amvets
Shoes: Mom's vintage pumps

Isn't this bag adorable? I found it at my favorite thrift store! It's a Dooney and Bourke. I'm going to start trying to use it more. I got it a while ago, but it's such a classic!

I also went to a little coffee house/improv thing at my school. I had so much fun! I love hearing all the talent from the people I know and go to school with. I felt like dressing up and wearing a cute outfit. I found this necklace at JCPenney when my mom was exchanging something.  She had to find things to buy, so we went to the sale rack. We didn't like the necklace so much at first, but it's grown on us! I've made it a mission for me to incorporate it into my wardrobe! Here's what I wore:

Shirt: $2.00 thrifted
Cardigan: $4.00 Ventura thrift
Necklace: $3.00 JCPenney
Jeans: Macys
Shoes: Crocs! (they're actually really cute)

Better picture of this necklace! Loooove it :D

Happy thrifting! :)

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